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Attendant Care Claims


Attendant care is in-home nursing care for someone who has suffered a serious injury. This type of care is provided by a caregiver who helps with daily activities of living, such as getting dressed and bathing, to monitoring their health.

Michigan Attendant Care and Replacement Care Benefits


Below are some basic questions and answers about attendant care benefits provided to Michigan residents injured in a car accident or truck accident.


Q. What is attendant care? 
A. When a car accident victim is injured so badly that he can't take care of even his most basic needs, such as eating, walking or even dressing themselves, the victim's auto insurance company will pay a nurse or someone in the family to help. This service also referred to as nursing services.


Q. What are examples of attendant care? 
A. This type of help comes in many forms, including but not limited to assisting the injured person with:

• Grooming and Bathing
• Eating
• Walking or using a wheelchair
• Getting dressed
• Administering medications
• Bed to chair transfers or re-positioning in bed
• Transportation
• Wound care and medical equipment
• Supervision and management of care providers


Workers' Compensation  

If you or a loved one becomes injured or sick as a result of work, your employer is required by law to pay for workers' compensation benefits.  Attendant care will help with activities of daily living after a work injury. The cost of a professional nurse or skilled attendant must be paid by the insurance company if required by your doctor. You must have a prescription to qualify for this benefit and it must be reasonable and necessary.


Should you need assistance or care as result of an occupational injury or illness, Lincoln Home Care can help. We will work with insurers, state programs, claims managers, Physicians, and Case Managers to provide top quality care that promotes a safe return to work.



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